Pics From November Trail Maintenance Morning

The second trail maintenance morning on Barry Knows Best took place on Sunday 13 November between 9.30am and 1.00pm (I didn’t get any photos of the first during October due to a schoolboy error of not charging my camera battery!). The aim of these mornings is two-fold:

  1. To introduce a core group of people to trail maintenance techniques
  2. To maintain parts of BKB to:
    • ensure good drainage and water run-off
    • make repairs where necessary and sustainable
    • improve long term sustainability of the trail
    • correct trail creep/tweak lines to help with above


There’s a great deal to do on BKB but, fortunately, there was a good turn out with around 20 people coming along.

Along a large section, the hillside downhill of the trail was cleared of debris, then the trail cleaned down to the trail bed and, finally, the trail was de-bermed. All of this work should ensure good water run-off, keeping the trail itself clear of standing water which will, in turn, help reduce erosion of the trail.

A section where the trail had crept downhill into a muddy mess of a berm was addressed by blocking and camouflaging out some of the “creep” line and clearing the original line. Now, on approach to this section, everything is telling riders to follow the original line. From the riders we saw on the trail after we’d finished, this was very successful.


Look out for a full write up and more photos on the Hurtwood Trails website.

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