About The Site

I’ve been mountain biking in the Surrey Hills area for over 20 years, mainly as a mountain biker. The area truly does offer some of the best and most fun natural singletrack mountain biking to be found in Britain.

Read my guide to mountain biking in the Surrey Hills if you want to learn more about the area, how riding here differs from traditional trail centres, the management and access rights.

Over this time, the Surrey Hills have become an increasingly popular destination for mountain biking both as the sport becomes increasingly popular and as word spreads about what the Surrey Hills have to offer mountain bikers. With major mountain bike industry manufacturers, magazines and pro-riders all using the area for photoshoots and filming, that popularity has continued unbounded.

The purpose of this website was originally to gather information I found on the web related to mountain biking in the Surrey Hills and to share my own experiences of riding in the area including photos, the odd video and maybe a GPX file or two.

Over time it evolved into a more general site providing information on both mountain biking and road cycling, trails & routes, local updates, a place to find cycling events in the area and anything else of interest in a blog form.

The latest iteration reverts to concentrating on mountain biking and providing information for prospective visitors to the area, ditching the blog aspect.

I hope you find the information here useful…please enjoy and respect the Surrey Hills if you come and ride in them!

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